my perfect picnic

06 March 2013

I meet David and our sweet pup on my lunch hour. We stumble upon a little meadow bursting with purple flowers. A fresh baguette is sliced and topped with goat cheese, cracked pepper, prosciutto, and arugula. Ohh, and that little bit of homemade balsamic reduction drizzled on top.. it reminds me that sometimes the most simple of things are the most wonderful. We sip on Schweppes Bitter Lemon for the first time and decide that it's quite refreshing. A kiss or two is stolen. And daydreams of summer adventures are had. There's honey glazed walnuts paired with the most juicy of pears. And pieces of dark chocolate are savored. We part ways with a hug and an I love you. It's a celebration of spring. Of good food. Of love. And it's my favorite sixty minutes of the day.