Oh yeah, Belgium..

25 August 2014

Let's finish this thing because I've got Ukraine, Greece, and Holland in the pipeline. I know it's just not right to rush the country of beer, chocolate, and french fries – but I like breaking the rules.

Road trip to Belgium!

03 June 2014

We packed up the car and headed to Belgium – with a stop in Luxembourg along the way. We rode bikes, had brunch, saw a castle, walked through a cathedral, and then left for Brussels. That little city is the perfect place for a stop over that includes more than picking up junk food and washing the windshield. But don't get me wrong, those thing were definitely involved. Hello Coke in a can and Pringles!

The side of the road

On the side of the road is a meadow filled with wildflowers. There's breathtaking views of snow capped mountains. There's a picnic of crisp wine, ripe blueberries, and dark chocolate. There's long conversation dotted with rejuvenating pauses. There's tilting my head back, closing my eyes, and taking a deep breath. There's singing to Frank Sinatra and dancing barefoot. There's a warm breeze that refreshes my soul. On the side of the road is the perfect afternoon. The beginning of summer.

Publishing an old draft of a spring bonfire

22 May 2014

These pictures have just been sitting around in my drafts just waiting to be shared (along with what feels like a million others). I can't remember why Publish was saved for later. Maybe I was running out the door to meet friends, distracted by another good book, having an impromptu dance party, packing for travels abroad, or just didn't have the words after a late night at the office. I'll take it as a sign of getting whisked away by life. And relishing in every moment.

Brunch yesterday, brunch today.

23 March 2014

Brunch is basically what my weekend has been about. I know, talk about getting crazy over here – but I'm so into the cappuccinos and pastries that happened yesterday and today. David and I also did some walking in the rain and spent a lot of time lounging in bed. I finally picked out pictures for all the empty frames hanging on our apartment's wall. There was a little dancing in there somewhere and a lot of watching movies. It's really just been one of those weekends. The life is good, life is not filling the calendar, life is relishing in long conversation and cuddles, life is in the little things kind of weekend.