Brunch yesterday, brunch today.

23 March 2014

Brunch is basically what my weekend has been about. I know, talk about getting crazy over here – but I'm so into the cappuccinos and pastries that happened yesterday and today. David and I also did some walking in the rain and spent a lot of time lounging in bed. I finally picked out pictures for all the empty frames hanging on our apartment's wall. There was a little dancing in there somewhere and a lot of watching movies. It's really just been one of those weekends. The life is good, life is not filling the calendar, life is relishing in long conversation and cuddles, life is in the little things kind of weekend. 

Home from London

16 March 2014

Just finished unpacking from a long weekend in London. It was mostly spent eating and drinking amazing things at amazing places – like chorizo hash browns here and peach bellinis here. And if that's all my weekend consisted of, I'd call it a success. But it's not even close. There was getting inspired at London Business School's Women in Business Conference, doing a little shopping on Oxford Street, and navigating the Tube like a regular pro with the best of friends. Man, do I love that city.

Sunday's adventure

12 March 2014

We left for a picnic in the mountains – and decided that a picnic at that little church sounded way more fun. I mean, just look at it all nestled on that hilltop.
We ended up winding through green meadows and passing by weathering barns. Pretty sure this is the most perfect, beautiful, stunning road that has ever existed. 
We've decided that taking more pictures together is something we should get into. So, that's our best attempt.
Loving these flowers because they're bringing spring along with them. This country is covered in purple blossoms these days – and I'm so into it. 
 She tromped through the woods, chased sticks and rolled in the dirt all day long. Talk about a happy Sadie – I mean, just look at that smile.
That's where we ended up. On top of a hill surrounded by Alps – the sun shining on bare shoulders and a warm breeze drifting through the air. Three cheers for Sundays.

Just one picture (but I'm making it count)

09 March 2014

One of my favorites from exploring a little corner of paradise today. It was spontaneous and stumbled upon and we laid in the grass – stealing kisses and drinking wine. I'm way sleepy, so more about our adventure later. Promise. 

Engagement pictures in the Alps

08 March 2014

These two are beautiful inside and out. And they're love is the full of laughter, wild for each other, take your breath away kind of love. We road tripped to the Alps during their (way too short) visit to Switzerland – and spent an afternoon in the snow. There was slipping face first into the powder (more than once), warming our hands every chance we got and so much joy. Capturing these pictures was such an honor. And I can't wait to stand by their side at the alter this July. I love you guys!